12 Common Traits of Serial Killers #5 - Shallow Emotions

Shallow Emotions

German serial killer Rudolph Pliel, convicted of killing 10 people and later took his own life in prison, compared his "hobby" of murder to playing cards, and later told police, "What I did is not such a great harm, with all these surplus women nowadays. Anyway, I had a good time."

Pleil seemed to have a weird set of ethics. He had no problem with the rape and murders, but on one occasion he bashed one of his accomplices for beginning to decapitate one of the victims. It seemed that Pleil thought the act of decapitation was disgusting.

In jail he wrote his life story, calling it 'Mein Kampf' (sound familiar???). Pleil signed it "by Rudolf Pleil, death dealer (retired)."

During Pleil's trial it came out that Pleil had applied for the job of Hangman. On his application he had written that if they needed any convincing of his skill they should check out a certain well. Obviously this was laughed at and ignored. When eventually checked, there was a strangled corpse found in the well.

During Pleil's trial he continuously interrupted, demanding the charges be lifted to 25 murders, not 9.

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