About Us - Who are these people?

This is for the True Crime fans. The die-hards.. the Murderino's

I was brought up on "Cops" as a little kid, this turned into CSI, Criminal Minds, to "Making a Murderer" Documentary on Netflix, and now every day listening to True Crime Podcasts.

I love this shit, you love this shit. 

Now you can't seriously enjoy any of these things without a badass cup coffee in your hand. And by badass ass I mean...well Just that . BADASS

We are not murder supporters, we sure as hell don't lust after the next kill, but something about crime, about the decisions and actions of these monsters in our societies,  and our histories is completely fascinating. I don't know what it is...the actions we hear about in the stories are infuriating.

The thoughts sickening. 

I know that you all feel the same way, or at least i hope you do...

The thing is, we just can't turn away from it, we are engulfed by it. We listen for clues, research the cases, join web-sleuth groups, and dive right into the deep end. Share the gruesome details ,even pay a premium for someone else to tell us the story.

Over and over again....

But ... 

There's something else that captures us... this other thing, this idea, this experience, this basic need that every human either craves or denies their craving for (tea drinkers) ...

Its COFFEE... 

Yeah...I know Right. Its a life force all its own. A RELIGION!

Look... truth be told, I've partnered with Iron Bean Coffee Company because the quality of the coffee is paramount. I wanted something edgy, something flavored, a little different. OK ALOT DIFFERENT!!

After some negotiating, some wheeling & dealing, some subtle threats we cut a deal. Maybe cut to the bone... But hey were willing to experiment, and the results are outstanding. 

 So here we are ...Murder Coffee Company. They help me roast my roasts, I share some wicked content. Were a big Happy Family.

ONE of the most important parts to this story is that crime, particularly crimes of Violence against any one are no joke. For most of us...Crime is often just far off news stories, or a documentary about some notorious crime or individual. But, violent crimes cause tremendous waves of grief , heart ache and uncertainty in more than just the victims life. Every 

This is why we regularly donate portions of our proceeds to the following organizations.

National Center for Victims of Crime

Victim Connect Resource Center

Stick around...its going to be a wild ride.